Our Mission

In today’s world of massive mergers, bottom-line focus, and “We regret to inform you” form letters, breaking into the publishing industry is more daunting than ever. Few publishing houses are willing to look at material by a new or unknown author, especially one without representation. Worse, agencies have become more strictly selective than ever before. Rejection letters, if sent at all, are often sent without the manuscript ever having being read. Yes, the market is that flooded!

It is no wonder in these uncertain times that self-publishing has become something of a haven for new authors. But, with so many authors crowding this arena all clamoring for attention, how can you distinguish yourself from the rest? At Brave New Publishing, our team of editors brings to the table years of experience editing and marketing books. We know what it takes to turn a rough manuscript into a bookshelf-ready success. Brave New Publishing offers multiple rounds of professional editing as well as a vast array of marketing and representation services.

While agencies and houses nationwide are closing their doors to new authors, here at Brave New Publishing the door is always open; we appreciate the undiscovered treasures out there. For those still hoping to break into mainstream publishing, we will help you prepare a winning submission, assist in finding the right agent for your project and employ our experience and industry connections to help push your submission to the top of the pile.

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